Doors at 7:30pm, music at 8:30pm. 19+.


Saskatchewan is known for its pioneers but in Regina in the 90s, there was a revival of the definition with the group Skavenjah,  known to be the Saskatchewan Ska Pioneers. Ska originated in Jamaica, mixing Caribbean mento and calypso with American jazz and rhythm and blues. This is not a typical sound for the prairies however Skavenjah has found a means of perfecting it as one of North America’s premiere SKA groups.

Passion is a big reason for the longevity of this band with a career spanning over 25 years. The group has changed their line-up many times over the years leading them to their current line-up of Chad Guy, Rick Gelsinger, Andre Boehm, Colin Neufeld, Dan Hanline, Rob D and Cody Gramracy.

The band is always relentlessly touring, bringing out the diverse musical stylings of ska/punk, rock, reggae and soul. Boasting strong song writing and an incredible live experience as the reason they have been able to achieve popularity amongst festival go-ers. A live Skavenjah show is something to behold, with the band coming out in their dress shirts and ties, throwing in some high energy and leaving soaked in sweat. The audience is left with the gift of a smile on their face after their performance.

Andino Suns

It’s not very common one would find quality Latin music coming from Saskatchewan until one stumbles upon the amazing group known as Andino Suns. Formed in 2009, Andino Suns from Regina hasn’t stopped and shows no signs of stopping anytime soon. This romantic, uplifting and danceable group has worked with many other hardworking Saskatchewan artists on their latest LP “Madera”, bringing some spice to our prairie sound.

Three members of the band are sons of political exiles, growing up with influences from both their Chilean heritage and that of the prairies. The spirit behind the music comes from the people whose labour makes the world what it is and the people who defend us from injustice and inequality. It is music made for the people.

Let Andino Suns inspire you with their great harmonies and their use of traditional Chilean instruments. Make sure you bring your dancing shoes because it’s hard to resist the urge to get up and move.

Skavenjah - Girly Girly

Andino Suns - Madre

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Skavenjah w/ Andino Suns